Hair management can get hard. We make it easy. In just 10 minutes our Hair Mask guarantees to help repair damage, promote thicker growth and strengthen your hair to reduce breakage & hair fall.


    Made with
    love in Australia

  • 30 night Money
    Back Guarantee

strong, healthy hair made easy

Just 3 simple steps

After you wash your hair with your fave shampoo, apply meshë to freshly washed damp hair and rub through your hair!

Relax, kick your feet up. Let meshë soak in for 10 minutes!

Rinse & dry to complete your night-time routine!
Warning: you may be obsessed with the smell and softness of your hair.

For best results: Apply twice a week for normal hair & three times a week for dry hair.

we've helped thousands transform their hair

Real people, real results!

I absolutely loved this product even after a couple of weeks I have noticed an overall difference in the quality of my hair and it was visually clear how much smoother my hair was after only one use. I usually have very dry and frizzy hair which is made worse by using heating tools on my hair, however I have needed to use my straightener less and less due to this product. I am very thankful to have found it and it is now a staple part of my hair care routine.

frizzy damaged


I have quite dry/frizzy hair, to the point where I can’t leave it natural without putting in heaps of serum and hairspray. After using this mask, I saw instant results. My hair is now shiny, hydrated and little to no product and heat is needed after using this mask. I was even more impressed with how my hair still held so much volume, whereas most masks leave my hair looking flat. So happy with the results!

fine dry


This stuff is just pure buttery goodness!! I bought a tub today and couldn’t help but try it before bed... it smells absolutely divine, and left my rather lifeless hair so silky and hydrated without being greasy or heavy. Can’t recommend highly enough! I love this cream. The feel is beautiful, the smell is unbelievable

frizzy wavy


I would definitely recommend this hair mask to anyone who wants to improve the condition of their hair, it is safe to use on coloured hair too as it is sulfate and paraben free! I have found that you only need a small amount and it still does an amazing job, I have had the tub for around 2-3 months now and it definitely goes a long way! My hair feels and smells amazing!

fine brittle


a gentle, natural formula

Designed to reverse damage and promote growth

  • Anti-fade & colour safe

    We made sure our formula is anti-fade, so you’ll keep your colors galore.

  • Promote growth & boost hair health

    Rich in natural growth agents to speed up growth and provide balance to your hair.

  • Made for all hair types

    For the fine-haired, curly-haired, straight-haired and more. Our hair mask suits all hair types



Free from nasty chemicals


NO Sulphates


NO Parabens


NO Silicones


NO Phthalates


NO Palm Oil


NO Gluten